Sunday, December 18, 2011

Crochet Therapy

I know it's been a while since my last post, but with the loss of Oscar and the hustle and bustle the Holiday's bring, it's been nuts around here. Oh did I mention I started a new job too? Oh well, it's working out very nicely. In my spare time? really? Don't ask me where I found it, but I've made another wondrous blanky! 

I've been seeing all these pic's of diagonal afghans, and scarves on Pinterest. I had been thinking about trying one for a while now, and was in need of some desperate emotional therapy after Oscar's passing.
Here's the start....

I'm using the left over yarn from my Ripple and Hexagon blanky's, with a little more purple/pink hues that i got on clearance at Michaels a while back....This lovely Pattern is so easy to follow! There is an English version too...thank goodness.

I found this blanky as soothing to work on as the ripple. It came together nicely! Do pay attention to the  pile off stuff in the back ground...that's for a glorious bridal shower I threw for neighbor.. Yes? did I say crazy time of year???

Did I mention that in my family there are 6 birthdays, and 1 anniversary in December? My middle son J is now 16! We had a splendid time with the family celebrating his milestone of a birthday.  So as you can see, I needed some ME time to think and plan all these festivities, plus Christmas shop, and start a new job! Also decorating for Christmas and I haven't even started baking yet... yikes!!!!!

I will admit I did dearly miss my corchet companion....Oscar.  How he would try to sneak a nap or two on every blanky I've ever made. he would just give me this look of....really? you don't need this end of the blanky, or I was only gonna rest for a lil while??? Or to get up to go do something and find him all snuggled up in a blanky creation just a purring this one for me????

This is my least favorite part of an afghan.....Do have to say that I truly despise weaving in the ends of an drives me batty, but for some reason I cannot bring myself to tuck them in as I go????

Well, I'm off to deal with a mountain of laundry, and a another headache.... : O (

I'll be back to post pictures of the decorations!

Ta ta till next time....


  1. You are very clever! I wish my crocheting was half as good as yours. I need more practice so maybe that could be one of my new year resolutions.X

  2. Beautiful color assortment in this afghan style! I'm jealous that I don't have the patience to crochet for relaxation! Suz