Sunday, December 18, 2011

Crochet Therapy

I know it's been a while since my last post, but with the loss of Oscar and the hustle and bustle the Holiday's bring, it's been nuts around here. Oh did I mention I started a new job too? Oh well, it's working out very nicely. In my spare time? really? Don't ask me where I found it, but I've made another wondrous blanky! 

I've been seeing all these pic's of diagonal afghans, and scarves on Pinterest. I had been thinking about trying one for a while now, and was in need of some desperate emotional therapy after Oscar's passing.
Here's the start....

I'm using the left over yarn from my Ripple and Hexagon blanky's, with a little more purple/pink hues that i got on clearance at Michaels a while back....This lovely Pattern is so easy to follow! There is an English version too...thank goodness.

I found this blanky as soothing to work on as the ripple. It came together nicely! Do pay attention to the  pile off stuff in the back ground...that's for a glorious bridal shower I threw for neighbor.. Yes? did I say crazy time of year???

Did I mention that in my family there are 6 birthdays, and 1 anniversary in December? My middle son J is now 16! We had a splendid time with the family celebrating his milestone of a birthday.  So as you can see, I needed some ME time to think and plan all these festivities, plus Christmas shop, and start a new job! Also decorating for Christmas and I haven't even started baking yet... yikes!!!!!

I will admit I did dearly miss my corchet companion....Oscar.  How he would try to sneak a nap or two on every blanky I've ever made. he would just give me this look of....really? you don't need this end of the blanky, or I was only gonna rest for a lil while??? Or to get up to go do something and find him all snuggled up in a blanky creation just a purring this one for me????

This is my least favorite part of an afghan.....Do have to say that I truly despise weaving in the ends of an drives me batty, but for some reason I cannot bring myself to tuck them in as I go????

Well, I'm off to deal with a mountain of laundry, and a another headache.... : O (

I'll be back to post pictures of the decorations!

Ta ta till next time....

Thursday, December 8, 2011

RIP Oscar.......

As you can tell by the tittle this has not been a good few weeks here on the Avenue. Our beloved kitty Oscar has become very ill and passed away.

He was only 6 1/2 years old but a mysterious illness snuffed his little soul way to soon. He was the king of our household and will be missed greatly.  It's only been a week since his passing the the puppies seem so melancholy without him to romp around the house with.  As for the teens they miss the daily greetings at the door and the midnight sneak attach snuggles form him, but we will mend and be OK

We love you Oscar!!

Ta ta till next time...